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Is your vehicle battery starting to go south? Shop our OEM Ford parts online to find an industry-leading replacement. A crucial component of your car, truck, or SUV, a car battery sources electricity to all parts of your car, including the starter. It can be a huge hassle when your battery nears the end of its life. Avoid the dreaded jumpstart and replace your battery before it leaves you stranded.

How Long Does a Car Battery Last?

A car battery has the ability to be recharged. Once it is no longer able to retain a charge, it is dead. How long your Ford’s battery will last is largely dependent on your driving patterns, environment, and the model. Under ideal conditions, including moderate temperatures and normal humidity levels, you can expect your battery to last you six years or an estimated 50,000 miles.

How Can I Tell If My Battery is Dying?

You can count on a number of signs that your battery is on it’s last leg. If your vehicle is engine is slow to crank, this may indicate a dying battery. Warnings such as check engine lights are very obvious indicators. Be aware of battery fluid levels. If your fluids are below the lead plates, you may need a new battery or a recharge. In excessive heat, a bloated battery may occur. This often results in a decreased battery life. The presence of a distinct, rotten smell permeating from under the hood may indicate that your battery is leaking.

In this case, the sulfur odor can affect other parts in your vehicle and calls for an immediate battery replacement.

Monaco Ford Parts is your one-stop-shop for any and all replacement parts you may need for your Ford Vehicle. As we only use genuine OEM Ford parts, you can count on reliability and the best of quality. Avoid the middleman and purchase the Ford parts you need for a fraction of the cost! With all car parts, it’s better to replace failing equipment sooner rather than later. Monaco Ford Parts is here to help you stay on top of keeping your vehicle in excellent shape. We proud to deliver service to drivers across the country in cities such as Hartford, CT, East Hartford, Manchester, and Glastonbury, CT!

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