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Buckle Up! Ford Ranger’s Smart Seatbelt Technology

Safety and security while driving should be of utmost importance to every driver and passenger. Fortunately, safety technologies have brought about a multitude of new features that equip vehicles with the best safety features. Although these innovations work wonderfully, the most basic precautionary measure that can be taken up by individuals is putting on a seatbelt. The all-new 2019 Ford Ranger comes equipped with Smart Seatbelt technology that ensures utmost protection for the driver and all passengers in the car.

What is the Smart Seatbelt technology?
The Smart Seatbelt technology in the all-new 2019 Ford Ranger is designed to ensure that every person in the vehicle puts on their seatbelt at all times. When the passengers first enter and shut the doors, the system will alert them to put on the seatbelt. During the course of the drive, if any passenger unbuckles, the dashboard will display an alert to the driver. The screen will also show which seat’s belt has been unbuckled so that the driver can remind the occupant to buckle up once again. This feature is particularly helpful as it senses the seatbelts at all times during the driven (and not just when starting the car). The driver can also know which exact passenger has unbuckled the seatbelt, making it easier to remind them.

How does it work?
Amongst all the incredible driver assistance features in the 2019 Ford Ranger, Smart Seatbelt technology is surely one of the best. In the 2019 Ford Ranger, the entire cabin is equipped with smart sensors that are scattered across different locations. These also know when the driver has parked the vehicle and can display a reminder once the car is in motion again. Smart Seatbelt technology is particularly useful for parents who worry about the safety of their children in a moving car. While driving, it is indeed difficult to monitor the rear seats at all times. This technology can alert the parent if the child has taken off the seatbelt at any point during the drive. Doing so can also impart kids with the importance of wearing their seatbelt. So go ahead and purchase the all-new 2019 Ford Ranger at Monaco Ford in Glastonbury, Connecticut.

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