Ford Service Credit Card

The Ford Service Credit Card is an easy and flexible financing option for your car. Ford Credit can help you pay for routine checkups and repairs your car goes through, without having to spend from your pocket.

The credit card also pays for all the accessories you purchase throughout the US. Further, you also have the option of charging the card and using the balance instead of keeping a credit system.

Special financing options

Your Ford Credit Card opens you up to several financing options, such as:

·         Cashback: Every time you make a payment with your Ford Service Credit Card, you are sure to get cashback and rewards in the form of coupons. Each time you spend $250 from your Ford credit card, you will get a $25 prepaid card as a rebate.

·         Limited interest: You can have a validity of 6 or 12 months on your car. This scheme allows you to safely carry out repairs without worrying about hitting your wallet. You do not have to pay interest on your credit card if you repay your balance within 6 months if you have purchases worth more than $199, or within 12 months if you have purchases worth more than $499. (The offer may differ in dealerships). Some services are also interest-free.

·         Low payment: With Ford's credit card, you do not have to worry about further payments weighing down on you. Every monthly statement is affordable and well within your budget.


You can use your Ford credit card all over the US for the following services:

·         Routine maintenance and repairs

·         Changing its tires or brake pads

·         Topping up the fluids, including brake and engine oil

·         Buying accessories- you may have to replace a damaged accessory, or you may want to enliven your car by adding additional abettors

The Ford Service Credit Card is the perfect financial option for every Ford car owner. You get exclusive benefits and payment options with a low monthly repayment feature. Financing the dreams of more than 50 million drivers across the globe, Ford's Service Credit Card is truly a must-have for every Ford owner.

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