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Check Out the New 2015 Ford Escape


With athletic looks and the performance to match, plus a roomy interior and loads of available cabin tech and convenience features, the 2015 Ford Escape is bolder and more exciting than most rivals, without much compromise.

The Ford Escape is a modern and quite carlike crossover – rakish, sporty, and contemporary. A couple of model years ago, it made the transition from what had formerly been a very boxy form factor; and for anyone who's driven the Escape in its current form, there's really no looking back.

The 2015 Escape carries over with only a few minor changes and…

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Why Should You Buy a Certified Pre-Owned Vehicle?


It’s time for a new car, but you’re not sure if you want to buy new, pre-owned, or certified pre-owned.

What you may not know is that there are many benefits to buying a certified pre-owned Ford vehicle.

To qualify for certified-preowned status, each previously owned Ford vehicle must be less than six model years old and have fewer than 80,000 miles on the odometer.

Peace of mind comes with the 172-point…
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The 2015 Ford F-150 Outperforms the Competition


The Ford F-150 has owned the title of “best-selling truck” for 37 years, as well as the title of “best-selling vehicle” for the past 32 years.

It’s no wonder then that it consistently outperforms the competition.

The 2015 redesign is easily the most substantial of any F-series remake in the model’s 67-year history.

The biggest piece of news surrounding the 2015 F-150 centers on its aluminum body. Normally reserved for sports or luxury cars, the new aluminum body allows the F-150 to cut weight without sacrificing strength.

Ford’s extensive durability testing has verified its increased strength (and…

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Reviews Are in for 2015 Ford Vehicles


The 2015 Ford models are out, and the reviews are in – people love them!

Here’s a look at what they have to say about a few of our most popular models.

According to US News, reviewers think the Ford Fusion has a fun-to-drive demeanor and a roomy, upscale cabin.

The base 2015 Ford Fusion has a four-cylinder engine and a six-speed automatic transmission. Two turbocharged, four-cylinder engines are available, both of which come with…
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How Does the 2015 Ford Mustang Compare?


It’s been 50 years since the original Mustang debuted!

Now, the new 2015 Ford Mustang marks the first time in a decade that the iconic pony car has received a complete redesign.

With the 2015 Mustang, Ford has created a vehicle that can effectively bridge the gap between what the Mustang has always been – namely, an American icon that's a little rough around the edges – and what the Mustang of the future will…

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Safety Very Important to Ford Engineers


Vehicle safety is of huge importance to us at Monaco Ford and the Ford engineers have been hard at work to make sure our vehicles are as safe as they can be.

Car shoppers are seeing a variety of high-tech safety features in our vehicles, including sophisticated collision-warning systems, and will see down the road, vehicle-to-vehicle communication.

Shoppers today are more interested than ever in vehicle safety features and consumers will play a significant role in shaping the future of automotive safety technology. Research is done where we ask customers to what extent safety factors into their purchasing decision.


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Glastonbury High School Wins $100,000 Grant from StateFarm


We at Monaco Ford are so proud to announce that the students at Glastonbury High School have won a $100,000 grant from StateFarm in the “Celebrate My Drive” contest.

The grant will go towards safe driving and other initiatives at the school.

More teens die from car crashes than any other cause, and the first year of driving is the most dangerous.

That’s what Celebrate My Drive is about – celebrating the big, new life of freedom that comes with a driver’s license. Part of that life means making smart choices behind the wheel, which is why spreading…

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Repairing Your Vehicle at Home vs. Bringing It In For Service


We all know that we need to service our vehicles in order to keep them in tip-top shape.

Some things can be done at home, while some should be done by a professional.

One thing you can do at home is changing your lights when they burn out. Changing the various bulbs in your car when they burn out is almost as simple as changing a light bulb at home. First check your car manual to see what kind of bulb you need, and purchase it at your local auto parts store.

You can also check the tire tread and…

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