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The 2017 Ford Fusion Sport Can Prevent Pothole Damage

If you ask us, potholes are just the pits. Not only do they make for a miserable commute, but when they get too large or you happen to hit them at too fast of a speed, they can cause seriously detrimental damage to your automobile.

Of course, you know that our service team is here should you ever run into trouble with your car, but don't you wish there was a way to just avoid pesky potholes altogether?

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See How Vaughn Gittin Jr., Drives this Ford Fiesta ST

Have you ever been doing a mundane weekly chore—say sweeping the floors, cleaning the bathroom or getting groceries—and imagined yourself in a completely different setting? A setting that is infinitely more desirable and faster paced, say like, a rally?

We can’t help wondering if that’s what was going on with Vaughn Gittin Jr. It doesn’t seem like he really meant to end up racing around the dirt track instead of bringing in the groceries. Of course, his four-legged pal and co-pilot, Brody, had a hand, or rather a paw, in it.

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