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2019 Ford Ecosport | Monaco Ford

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The new Ford EcoSport is a compact crossover and a formidable competitor in the supermini SUV segment. The 2019 edition is a vast improvement over its predecessor. It is the first EcoSport built in Europe, with Ford having moved its production to Romania in 2018. It also is the first EcoSport built for the European market and after having…

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Preventing Vehicle Damage From Road Salt


With the winter we have been having, you are probably pretty familiar with seeing a salt and sand mixture on the roads near you.

A salt and sand mixture is frequently spread over roads before or after a snow or ice storm. Salt lowers the freezing point of water, causing any ice already formed to melt even though the air temperature remains well below freezing. The sand helps keep the salt in place, plus it adds a bit of traction to wet and often slushy roads.

However, while road salting helps people travel safely, it has drawbacks. It can cause…

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Meet Bizz, a 10-Year-Old Lab/Hound Mix

This month, we are sponsoring Bizz, a 10-year-old lab/hound mix. 

Bizz has some sad eyes because he was living in an animal control facility for several months. Can there be a lonelier place on Earth? While they took good care of him, there is just nothing soft or warm about living in a cage.  

They finally gave him to the Connecticut Humane Society to find a loving home, and what a sweetheart he is…
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Cold Weather Causing Gelling Issues in Diesel Vehicles


While it seemed like we were maybe finally going in the right direction weather-wise, it looks like we have more winter headed our way.

With the cold temperatures we have been having, many diesel vehicle owners have had gelling issues with the wax that is in their diesel fuel. When this happens, the wax separates out and tends to coat the filter, causing a low fuel pressure concern.

Some customers have been treating this issue with an additive, but have still been having issues. Our motorcraft anti-gel and diesel performance improver is significantly better than this other additive.

Listen to…

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Enjoying Life Responsibly

At Monaco Ford, we are very passionate about the issue of drinking and driving.

To help you go out and enjoy a night with friends, safely, we have created some delicious mocktails that will make you feel like you are indulging, but are not.

We went to Highland Park Market and picked up some cucumber, rosemary, lemon, club soda, watermelon, lemonade, strawberries, basil, pomegranate juice, oranges, coconut, pineapple juice, agave light syrup, and mint.

What does all of this add up to?

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