Prepare for Winter Weather with Ford Parts & Accessories from Glastonbury's Monaco Ford

When winter hits here in Glastonbury, it can hit hard. Preparing for the winter months is vital for drivers in the area, and while it can seem overwhelming at times, Monaco Ford is here to help. We stock a variety of winter parts and accessories, but the most popular are snow tires and plows. Properly equipped, your vehicle can help you to travel safely and ease the stress of the season.

Snow Tires - An Essential for Safe Winter Driving in Connecticut

Getting your tires switched over at the beginning of the season may seem like a hassle, but it can greatly improve your ability to drive safely in wintery conditions. Winter tires, or snow tires, have tread patterns that are specifically designed to perform on ice and snow.

Whereas half-worn all-season tires may slip and slide, the increased traction of this superior tread can protect you and your vehicle. Snow tires are also more flexible due to a rubber compound designed to perform in cold weather, which can better conform to the road at extreme temperatures.

While it may be difficult to fit a tire change into your busy schedule, Monaco Ford can help. Our auto maintenance and repair center is here to help you prepare for winter, and we've served drivers from across Glastonbury, Manchester, Hartford, East Hartford, and beyond. Whether you already have a good set of snow tires or are looking to invest in new ones, our service and parts departments are fully equipped to assist.

Plows - Equip Your Ford Truck to Conquer the Elements

A good snow plow is essential, whether you're responsible for snow removal as a contractor, commercial provider, or just want to clear your own driveway efficiently. Whatever your goal, Monaco Ford has the right plow for the job, and we're ready to help with purchases, installations, spare parts, and maintenance later down the road.

Straight vs. V-plows

There are two main types of snow plows: those with straight blades, and those with V-blades. A V-plow can be moved into different positions to make snow removal more efficient, with the abilities to stack snow, direct it, and better break through hard snow that has frozen overnight.

If you're just looking for a plow to use for your home driveway, you may not need all of these additional capabilities, and might opt for the more budget-conscious straight plow instead. Not sure what you need? Talk it over with the Monaco Ford staff; we're happy to help you weigh your options.

Of course, there are other aspects to consider when you're looking to purchase a plow: length, material, and what kind of vehicle you're going to use. Our very own Ford F-150 and Super Duty trucks are more than capable, and we can help you find the ideal product to suit your specific vehicle.

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